3D Personal Work

The M24 Chaffee Tank was created in 3DS Max and has a high poly count of 1.4 mil Tris.

Lighting2 Chaffee Lighting1

High Poly Tank Project

3DS Max, ZBrush and Photoshop were used to create this model, combining ZBrush's projection mapping tools and photo references to get a semi realistic full body texture.

Organic Body Modelling Project


This creature was created for a low poly mobile gaming project.  The textures were all hand painted (including parts of the normal map, which was created using ND02 and Photoshop - no high poly model was created at all.  These renders are from in UDK in game.

Mobile Gaming Creature Concept

beauty1 beauty2 Undertaker_Diffuse1024 Undertaker_Normal1024 Wireframes beauty3

This house was textured using one 4098x4098 map, partially using textures sourced from cgtextures.com and partly hand painted with brushes created using textures.

House Texture


The raptor was created using PS, 3DS Max, CAT rigging, UDK and ZBrush from concept to fully animated, in engine walking dino.

Raptor Fantasy Concept

SculptScreenshots RaptorSculpt_1 1 3 2 5

Dragon Head speedsculpt