Abandon Ship - 3D Art

A selection of in-game renders and 3D art

Kraken1 Kraken tex zombiekraken volcrender statue 6_Abyss 4_BrokenLands 2_Pit 02 1_Redoubt Lighthousesrender Lighthouses mortars3

Environment Art


seafort cannons

Selection of Ships

Cutter_Hali sloop warship galleon



Abandon Ship has a total of 49 ship designs, hundreds of unique islands and various weather and environment modifiers to provide an immersive, varied world with new things to see every playthrough.

FullRelease_AbandonShip_Exploration02 MajorUpdate05_AbandonShip_SpiderIslands01 FullRelease_AbandonShip_Exploration04 MajorUpdate05_AbandonShip_SpiderIslands02 MajorUpdate06_AbandonShip_CultBase MajorUpdate06_AbandonShip_PlayerKraken MajorUpdate03_AbandonShip_ZombieKraken MajorUpdate03_AbandonShip_ReapersScore MajorUpdate02_AbandonShip_SeaFort02 MajorUpdate04_AbandonShip_ForsakenSeas